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Maintenance Management

From regular inspections to our use of establish contractors your block is in safe hands.

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Asset Management

Planned work, scheduled improvements & long term opportunities help maximise the value of your asset.

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Financial Management

Our accurate budgeting and use of professional accountants means your block’s finances are well managed.

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Minimise Arrears

Compliant invoicing and our experienced collection helps to keep arrears to a minimum.

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Friendly Support

Our friendly professional team are available to give you the best possible support.

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Experience Counts

As a company we’ve been dedicated to block management for over 25 years so we’re ready for any challenge.

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Hello from our Director!

Maison has been built on one core principle that we look after properties as if they were our own.

We understand that your property is probably your most valuable asset so we make sure that every single one of our managed properties get the due care and attention that they deserve.

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Areas We Currently Manage

East London | North London | Hampshire | Hampshire | Lancashire

Take your block management to the ultimate level with Maison